Marta Streng, ’89, until recently I'll write about myself: „future psychologist”. Failed, fortunately for my would-be patients. Today I play with the human psyche in a different way. I hang out of the schemas and do mess. In spite of contemporary emphasis on photo editing in graphic programs and idealization, I will leave my pictures theirselves to defend the content. Passionately play with colors, just for fun. Still experimenting and taking for a walk my inner monsters, to be able to breathe deeply and have an opinion when I press the shutter button. I find myself only between humans and cats, and if I had to create a farm, this would be the moose reserve. I’m inspired by the life and imagination running away. I hate artificiality, monotony and shows for the audience, but I enjoy to hug to my camera beautiful, unusual faces with their original interior. I plan to spend my life to what I love.

Wedding photography is very dear to me because it taught me patience and sharpened intuition. In contrast, fine art photography has allowed me to see invisible things, but also to create reality in a natural way. Few years ago I decided to mix both for create a tasty combination.

I live with passion, I catch in the frames emotion, beauty, truth and transitoriness. I want to share this passion with others, therefore we undertake cooperation with people who, like me, love what they do. All of this to make our services have individual expression, and the highest level. Let’s live the moment, let’s create a different reality and let’s give its colours more power. Look at the world through my eyes.

Based in Stockholm, but ready to visit every corner of the world.

Send me an email, tell me more about your wedding.
I want to know your story and be a part of it.


martastreng [at]
+46 739 32 82 33 (se)


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